Standing Out: 2010 Merit Artists

Standing Out: 2010 Merit Artists

Each year five Member Artists are chosen by juror and one by popular vote from the previous year's All Member Exhibition, Currents. The six artists exhibit together in a group show every summer. This year's artists and bios are listed below.

Kim Delgado received an art degree from Texas Women's University and has taught art for the Corpus Christi Independent School District for 17 years. She currently works at Baker Middle School in Corpus Christi.  "My recent work comes from a need to combine  my love for painting and drawing with photography. I was asked to teach darkroom photography at Wynn Seale Acadamy of Fine Arts and needed to make the photography work with the painting & drawing I was already teaching. The joining of the two mediums allows me the view-point and value of photos with the texture and color of paint."

Pete Fischer 's works in oil reflect the balance of realism and attention to detail that is characteristic of his unique background.University trained in fine arts and pre-medicine, Pete deviated from a future in medical illustration to pursue a career in engineering and construction.Forty years later, in 2001, his move to Rockport reignited his love for painting. Many of Pete’s paintings reflect his desire as an artist to create authentic portrayals that few are fortunate enough to experience first hand.

Since Daniel Forsythe could hold a drawing utensil, he was making marks on paper, responding to those marks, and making more to ultimately create a composition. Through his early years, he would draw on anything he found to be a suitable surface—the backside of laser paper proofs, the sidewalk, and even starched button-down dress shirts. Today, he works in mixed media, typically starting a composition with pencil or marker, adding watercolor, and finishing his piece with acrylic paint. Forsythe, who has Down syndrome, is particularly drawn to color combinations and enjoys expressing himself through his artistic creations. In 2009 Forsythe received a National Award of Excellence from the VSA Arts "Accelerate" Exhibition in Washington, D.C.

Pam Heidt 
"After creating twenty-one Galveston Annual Homes Tour posters, I 'retired' from architectural watercolors.  For the last few years my paintings have showcased the natural treasures of our beautiful Live Oak Peninsula (with a few sailboats, marinas, and shrimp boats included just for fun!)"

Cathy Munson is an Austin, Texas native and graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with Honors from the University of Texas. After graduation she worked as an illustrator with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department where she developed her own intricately detailed watercolor technique.  Her wildlife artwork has become nationally recognized, with her specialty of canine and longhorn subjects.  A recent honor was being selected as one of the six featured dog artists nationwide in Southwest Art Magazine.  Cathy's art reflects her belief that one should paint what they know and love the most and therefore her intent is capturing the inner spirit as well as the outer image of the wondrous world of  

John Olvey 
"The art I have created for this show is a reflection of my life growing up on the Texas Riviera surfing.  I have studied art since childhood, attended University of Houston, and learned from several recognized sculptors and painters. I have been fortunate to have had my art accepted into local, state and national shows, with works shown at Williams Tower Galley in Houston, Art Museum of South Texas, Rockport Art Center, and the Art Center of Corpus Christi. The art for this show is a combination of surf, tropical and seascape in both two and three dimensions with a twist."

The juror of the 2009 Currents exhibition was Clint Willour, Curator of the Galveston Arts Center.