Please Read Carefully to Avoid Extra Processing/Handling Charges

Shipping artwork to and from Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA) is the responsibility of the artist, including appropriate insurance. YOUR PACKAGE MUST HAVE A PREPAID RETURN SHIPPING LABEL THAT INCLUDES A BARCODE.

If your package arrives and it does not have a return shipping label affixed to the outside of the package, or does not indicate “Return Shipping Enclosed,” RCA WILL REFUSE YOUR SHIPMENT AND IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU. Label package with artist’s name and contact information. In order to avoid multiple addresses on your box, simply write “From/Return to” and include your name and address on a visible location on the box.

When dropping off at UPS/FedEx, inform them that you wish to pay for shipping BOTH ways. The package will be the same weight, same size, and travel the same distance. You need a BARCODE LABEL for shipping to RCA, and a BARCODE LABEL for return shipping to you.

If you will use FEDEX, please keep in mind that FEDEX return Airbills can be picked up by FEDEX (they have a barcode). FEDEX Ground order forms cannot be picked up. RCA is charged to process FEDEX Ground Forms. If you do not have a BARCODE on your return shipping label, RCA is required to pay for extra processing. Because extra processing requires additional time and costs for RCA, ANY PACKAGE THAT REQUIRES EXTRA PROCESSING WILL BE ASSESSED A $50 HANDLING FEE. This is in addition to any shipping costs required to get the package returned to you.

Shipping packages must be reusable for return shipping. RCA recommends the use of Strongbox (found at for 2D Artwork. They are durable, reusable and do not require cutting, excessive tape or similar materials that could damage the work during packaging and shipment. If you value your 2D work, this is the optimum method to ship it.

RCA is not responsible for re-packaging your work in its original box to your specifications. We repackage work with as much care as possible. If you have a specific packing scheme, you must provide a diagram with instructions for our staff to follow. The more complex your packing scheme is (various bubble wrap, packing peanuts, taped areas, Styrofoam, etc.) the greater the chance for error in repackaging, and the greater the need for clear instructions.

RCA only accepts freight or oversized crates on a pre-approved basis. If your artwork is oversized or arriving by freight, all arrangements must be made by confirming details with the Visual Arts Director in advance. RCA will not sign any shipping documents on freight unless item is prepaid.

RCA accepts PLEXIGLASS ONLY for all shipped work requiring glass. All 2D artwork must arrive READY TO HANG. A hanging wire must be properly attached to the framed work or canvas. No sawtooth hangers accepted. Any work that arrives damaged will be reported to the artist immediately. RCA is not responsible for shipped artwork that is left 30 days past the closing date of the show in which artwork was exhibited.

(Policy above applies to all artwork shipped to and from RCA unless otherwise noted and properly documented. For members, view detailed Members’ Gallery Policies and Procedures.

Updated 01/2013