Updated/Effective October 25, 2016


  • The purpose of the Members' Gallery is to give members a regular opportunity to display and sell new, original works of art. Every member wishing to exhibit in the Members’ Gallery is responsible for reading and complying with the policies and procedures below.

  • Artwork exhibited in the Members’ Gallery must be created by a current member of the Rockport Art Association (dba Rockport Center for the Arts, RCA).

  • Only original artwork will be exhibited in the Members’ Gallery. *Giclees/prints/reproductions of paintings, collages, or drawings will NOT be accepted for wall hanging in the Members' Gallery or Annual Member Show (with the exception of photography, printmaking or other media reproducible by nature.) Reproductions of original work may only be sold in the Gift Shop. See

  • Only one artwork per member artist is displayed per show (includes the annual Member Show. SEE ADDENDUM A) and each work may be exhibited only once (work may not be exhibited multiple times at the Center). Images are not considered “new” if they are cropped or otherwise altered presentations of a previously displayed image.

  • All work exhibited in the Members’ Gallery is subject to approval and is hung at the discretion of the Visual Arts Director and supporting staff.


  • All 2D work must be READY TO HANG (framed/gallery wrapped, with a wire for hanging attached.) Sawtooth and tab hangers are not accepted. Tape lose ends of wire, clean glass and mats. Wire should not appear above frame when hung. Wet paint cannot be accepted. Any work requiring extra preparation without prior notice will not be hung.

  • Please understand that SPACE IS LIMITED! FRAMED works should not exceed 30” on any dimension. GLASS pieces must not exceed 30” and must have hanging chain/wire attached or display base. FIBER works must be ready to hang on wall or come with display base. JEWELRY must be in shadow box or mounted on display base. ALL 3D WORK must not exceed 30” in any dimension, and be movable by one person of average strength without causing injury to themselves or the artwork. Special cases must be arranged prior to exchange date. Due to space availability, sizes larger than indicated will be displayed at the discretion of the Visual Arts Director.

  • Note regarding Annual Member’s Exhibitions, Currents and Miniatures: Only size restrictions are waived for our annual Member’s Exhibition, Currents. Work for Miniatures (up to three) cannot exceed 10 inches in any dimension.


  • Members’ Gallery Artworks are accepted at the Art Center on Exchange Day. (Typically on the Sunday between exhibitions, 1-4 pm) Exchange Day reminders are sent via our free e-mail list. Check our online calendar to confirm exchange dates at or email, or call the Center at 361.729.5519. Artists are responsible for keeping track of Exchange Days and their artworks.

  • Each exhibiting artist must COMPLETELY fill out, date, and sign the three-part label/lender agreement form for work exhibited in the Members’ Gallery. Your signature on the form constitutes agreement with Members’ Gallery Policies and Procedures and is required for exhibition. Proper information will ensure prompt payment (if the work is sold) and accuracy if we need to contact you.

  • If you are unable to attend Exchange Day and want to drop your work off early, attach the properly filled out lender agreement form and deliver the work to the office of the Visual Arts Director. Please make sure a staff member has recognized and accepted your entry. Work dropped off after the exchange date will not be accepted.

  • Anyone picking up or removing artwork must sign it out at the docent desk. If someone else is to pick up your work, please arrange to do so in writing/email with the Visual Arts Director. The sign out sheet is usually on a clipboard at the docent’s desk.

  • The Rockport Art Association, Inc. (dba The Rockport Center for the Arts, RCA) is NOT responsible for artwork which is inadequately labeled or left unclaimed for a period of 48 hours or more after the scheduled pick up date. Pick up date is the exchange day immediately following exhibition opening in which artwork was exhibited.

  • Any artwork which has not been picked up within 30 days after pick up date will become the property of the Rockport Art Association unless other properly documented arrangements have been made. Signing the Lender Agreement Form indicates your acknowledgment and agreement with this policy, and releases RCA from any liability with respect to claiming any loss or damage as a result of your artwork not being picked up within such period.

  • If you do not fill out the lender’s agreement form completely or do not sign it, RCA is not responsible for the display, storage or retrieval of your artwork.


  • If you live out of town but wish to exhibit your work in the Members' Gallery, you must review the RCA Shipping Policy, (or contact the Art Center for a copy) then contact the Visual Arts Director for instructions. Artwork is not accepted without the proper lender agreement form, and RCA is not responsible for artwork left unclaimed 48 hours past the pick up date.

  • RCA is not responsible for storing or retrieving shipping boxes or packing materials (plastic, bubble wrap, cardboard, frame corners, etc.) whether the work is shipped or hand-delivered.


  • Artist/Lender will retain 75% of sales price of work sold in the Members’ Gallery with the exception of the annual Members’ Exhibition, Currents, which is considered a Main Gallery Exhibition. Artists retain 65% of all works sold in the Main and Garden Galleries. Payment is made in the month following the month of sale.

  • Any artwork that is purchased will be sold at the price indicated on the artist lender agreement form. It is the responsibility of the artist to properly label and price all artworks submitted for exhibition by filling out the lender agreement form completely. The Art Center does not guarantee that you will be notified immediately upon the sale of your artwork.

Please help maintain the professional integrity of your art center galleries and gift shop. You deserve to have your work displayed in a pleasing professional manner. The impression made on the many art center visitors is important to everyone.