Past Poster Artist Exhibition | June 21 - July 27

June 21 - July 27
Opening Reception: June 22
Past Poster Artist Exhibition

This Summer, we continue our tradition of celebrating our Poster Artists, esteemed members of the Rockport Art Community who helped create, maintain, and strengthen half a century of artistic heritage. Come and see the diverse talent of Rockport.



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About the Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist Tradition

Every year, a committee gathers to select one master artist, who will join a select group of individuals known for their achievements and excellence in the arts, for their engagement and contributions to the Rockport Center for the Arts, and for their ability to capture the coastal aesthetic that Rockport and the Rockport Art Festival are recognized for.  The 27 year old tradition continues into the organization’s next 50 years.

1993 - Harold Phenix 

1994 - Steve Russell (Russell is a founding member of the Rockport Art Association, Inc.)

1995 - Al Barnes 

1996 - Herb Booth 

1997 - Jesus Moroles 

1998 - Evelyn Atkinson

1999 - Ricardo Rivera 

2000 - Kay Barnebey

2001 - Jim Offeman

2002 - Flint Reed

2003 - Anita Diebel

2004 - Thom Evans 

2005 - Carol Koutnik

2006 - Hal McCaskill

2007 - Nanci Barnes

2008 - Teresa Justice

2009 - Lisa Baer Frederick

2010 - Shirley Hughes Blackman

2011 - Betty Shamel

2012 - Bruce Bitter

2013 - Bonnie Lou Prouty

2014 - Pamela Fulcher

2015 - Chance Yarbrough

2016 - Joey Blazek

2017 - Barb Robinson

2018 - Debbie Stevens                                               

2019 - Angalee DeForest


Legend: Deceased