Renate Kasper

For three decades, Renate Kasper has worked in a wide variety of media including acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, Prismacolor pencil, black & white infrared photography and clay. 
Her favorite medium has always been the graphite pencil.  She mixes other media with the graphite, but still calls her work drawings.  "I may paint the background entirely in acrylic," she says, "and I may lay a quick wash of color all over the paper before I start shading, but I regard those few minutes of work as negligible when I spend dozens or sometimes hundreds of hours shading intricate details with graphite.”

Kasper’s work is more illustrative than painterly but there is always an element of abstraction in the work. She often places subjects in unnatural settings, with no background, or on clean stark surfaces.  Her realistic style will be on display in the Art Center’s Garden Gallery.