Shelly Grappe | Sheila Gritte

Shelly Grappe finds the offbeat and whimsical in her handmade fiber creations.

Sheila Gritte

Corpus Christi printmaker Sheila Gritte combines her love of color and nature in the unique process of serigraphy. Gritte studied under master printer Mark Anderson who taught at A&M CC for many years, and now heads the art department at Baylor. 

Serigraphy is a fine art, color stencil printmaking process in which special paint is forced through a fine screen onto the paper beneath. Areas which do not print are blocked in each of the stencil screens. A sheet of high quality, archival paper is first inserted under the screen and special paint poured along the edge of the frame. A squeegee is then pulled from back to front, producing a direct transfer of the image from screen to paper. A separate stencil is required for each color in each serigraph.

Sheila will be conducting a monotyping workshop this October, in the Art Center's first printmaking workshop! Stay tuned for details...