Past Poster Artists

Poster Artists represent the Art Festival each year by creating a piece for the annual Art Festival poster, and presenting a solo show of their work at Rockport Center for the Arts. These artists have created and defined the Rockport Art Community, and their contributions are continually reflected and appreciated by exhibiting their work each year. A new poster and Poster Artist joins the group every summer, and past year's posters are available while supplies last! 

"Art Festival 1993" by Harold Phenix (left)

Poster Artists:
1993 Harold Phenix (1928 - 2009)
1994 Steve Russell*
1995 Al Barnes
1996 Herb Booth
1997 Jesus Moroles
1998 Evelyn Atkinson
1999 Ricardo Rivera* (1934-2003)
2000 Kay Barnebey
2001 Jim Offeman*
2002 Flint Reed
2003 Anita Diebel*
2004 Thom Evans
2005 Carol D. Koutnik*
2006 Hal McCaskill
2007 Nanci Barnes
2008 Teresa Justice*
2009 Lisa Baer
2010 Shirley Hughes Blackman
2011 Betty Shamel

*poster is sold out