Joyce McAdams

As a child, Joyce says she, "had wondrous dreams of flying fish with iridescent wings gleaming in the moonlight". Today Joyce recreates her childhood dreams in a charming world "...where green goldfish glide and dragonflies drift over double moons" in her Edgewater Florida studio.

The 'jewel-like' quality her work is known for is the result of her intricately detailed combination of painting & collage-like imagery. From these unique paintings she also creates tile murals &installations, fabric wall hanging, scarves and giclee prints.

Joyce had been a working and exhibiting artist for over 35 years. She was born in Massachusetts and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design & the University of New Hampshire. She has participated in over 60 solo and group exhibits in museums & galleries across the country.

Joyce's work in included in public and private collections in the United States, Europe & Japan.