Pat Bailey and Jim Forsythe

Pat Bailey, an exceptionally gifted artist who has struggled with homelessness and is featured in the Austin-based film "Art From the Streets" will exhibit recent works at Rockport Center for the Arts during Film Festival weekend.

Directed by Layton Blaylock of Inferno Films, “Art From the Streets” is an award-winning documentary about artists struggling with homelessness in Austin. The film follows several characters through their trials and challenges as they prepare for an annual show and sale of their artwork at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless."Art From the Streets" will screen Thursday November 8 at Main Street Arts.

Also through Film Festival Weekend:
Corpus Christi resident Jim Forsythe is a multimedia and animation artist whose works will be on display during the Film Festival weekend. Jim has worked with digital media since the days of Photoshop 1.0. His extensive art background includes a B.F.A. in painting from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied with Peter Saul and Steve Daly. Richard Jordan, Tim High and Ken Hale were also strong influences. Throughout his school career, Jim won many art awards, culminating in a scholarship to Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 1984.

He spent years in screen-printing production shops banging out Gilley’s t-shirts and worked for numerous companies producing work for MTV, Nickelodeon and Atlanta Records. He worked for several South Texas advertising agencies before launching his own award-winning company, Lucky Penny Studio, in 1999.