Updated 8/15/14.

  • Artist pages on Rockport Center for the Arts’ official website are designed for our Member Artists to share information and images of their work with RCA’s online audience. Member Artists are not required to disclose any information they do not wish to appear on their individual page.

  • Artist web pages are located at

  • Artists wishing to post their own page must be current members of RCA. If current membership expires and artist has not renewed within 30 days, the artist’s webpage will be removed. Artist must resend all information including photos if they wish to renew their membership and webpage after the 30 day grace period.

If you are a current member and wish to have a page on the Art Center’s website, email rockportartcenter@gmail .com with the following:

short bio/artist statement
email address (optional)
your website link/url (optional)
headshot (optional; you may use an image of your work instead if preferred)
3 or more images (max 10) of your best work *

  • *IMAGES: Please submit images at web resolution (72 dpi), no more than 1MB each, and no more than 1000 pixels on their longest dimension. (Take the time to get good photographs of your work!)

  • All material posted on Rockport Center for the Arts’ website is subject to approval by the Directorial Staff and Board of Directors if deemed appropriate, including content posted on individual artist pages.

  • RCA does not guarantee that any updates to your posting will be available immediately.

  • RCA is not responsible for incorrect information, outdated or missing hyperlinks, resizing images, or inaccessible pages due to website maintenance or server errors. Please see our Privacy Policy (available at our website, under “Links and Resources”) for more information about internet accessibility and safety.

  • Poster Artists, Artists’ whose work is in our Sculpture Garden and/or Permanent Collection, and any other artist living or deceased may have a page maintained by Rockport Center for the Arts at our sole discretion.