Penny Redmon Visiting Lecturer Series

The Penny Redmon Visiting Lecturer Series provides funding and support to bring up to four artists from outside our community to Rockport Center for the Arts each year. During their time in Rockport, these visiting artists present their work through public talks and hands-on workshops for members. The program aims to promote highly accomplished individuals from outside the region who work in media that are presently under represented in current programming.


Chala Jan, April 2019

Chala Janpraphasakul (Jan) was introduced to photography in her teenage years. She used a Pentax camera, rolls of black and white film, and regularly visited a darkroom to pull prints using a chemical process.

She enrolled at the International Center of Photography to understand digital photography techniques and lighting concepts. In her art, she employs traditional event and portrait photography; through experimentation and the flexibility of digital image processing, she creates images of alternative reality- in a surrealist style. Her need to transform her imagination, thoughts, feelings or dreams into a story in an image was satisfied by this application and style.

After attending a workshop on Levitation Photography in 2011, Jan began to hone in on story-telling. She began to take her subjects and incorporating multiplicity, levitation, nature-defined movement and transfiguration. The completed image tells a story and depicts the impossible.


Brett Harvey, May 2019

Workshop Description: Hands are a symbol of humanity. Stencils of hands on the walls of caves are some of the earliest images in human history. They are arguably the most expressive parts of our body, often more candid than facial expressions. Although they are so important, most of us have to admit that we leave them for last when making figurative artwork. Over three days, I will show you how to simplify this complex part of the body, and make sense of it as a tool to reveal emotions within artwork. We will use clay as a medium to explore the structure created by the bones, the dynamic movement of the muscles and skin on top, and how repeating patterns found throughout the body come together in the hands to communicate powerful feelings and ideas. Students will model their own sculpture of a hand, and gain understanding that will translate into other mediums, both two dimensional and three dimensional.