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Watercolor Painting :: With Richie Vios


8-Week Series
Thursday Mornings, Sept 12 - Nov 14
No class Sept 26, No class Oct 24
10 am - 1 pm


FREE Painting Demo - open to all
Wednesday, August 28
1-3 PM, at Rockport Center for the Arts

Explore the vibrant world of watercolor painting with visiting artist Richie Vios.

Vios is currently the resident artist with Victoria Art League and teaches and conducts watercolor workshop throughout the southern part of Texas.


Course of Study:

1. Understanding the 4-Pillars of watercolor (Shapes, Values, Edges & Color).

2. Understanding the 3 essential elements of a painter’s mind-set before starting to paint (Confidence, Visualization & Focus)

3. Discussions on how professional painters lead the viewer's eye to the focal point of a composition. (Gradient interest in conjunction with Center of interest).

4. Understanding how to create the ”Big Plains” (Background & Foreground colors) as undertones to dictate the atmospheric mood of the finished painting.

5. Understandings the “Yin & Yang”, ”Lost & Found” & ”Fire & Ice ” for a successful painting (Light vs Dark, Soft edges vs Hard edges & Warm vs Cool).

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Watercolor Painting Series with Richie Vios
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