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Discovering Multimedia :: With Janice Bartke Thompson

3-Week Series
Friday mornings,
10 am - Noon
January 11 - January 25

Multimedia is any combination of text, image, sound, animation and video created and delivered by computer or other electronic or digitally manipulated means. The use of digital technologies opens vast new possibilities for the artist. The potential value of digital incorporation for today’s Creative manifests in powerful and exciting opportunities for rendering, manipulating, branding, and communicating. The educational focus of the course is an organized high-level overview discussion, demonstration and application of the digital universe and one’s relationship within the digital space. The course design is intended for the student with beginner to intermediate experience, seeking to adopt and transition to a greater under-standing with skills development of multimedia platforms and the value to one’s creative endeavors. Generalized topics covered include:

  • Digital vs Analog Creating

  • Classifications of Digital Purpose

  • Marketing

  • Training

  • Digital Tools

  • Considerations

  • Costs

Requirements and prerequisites: Do to the vast array of electronic configurations, brands, and skill levels involved within the realm of the digital world, and in addition the scope of the logistical capabilities of the Rockport Center for the Arts, the presentation of the course has been specifically designed with intent to avoid any need for a student computer. If the student has a laptop, note-book or cell phone for use in note taking and/or photo capturing, WiFi will be available.

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Discovering Multimedia With Janice Bartke Thompson
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