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Pottery Series :: All Levels :: With Genie Mysorski

8-Week Series Monday Evenings
Jan 14 - March 4
5:30 - 8:30 pm

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Have you always been amazed watching a potter create a vase from a ball of clay on a pottery wheel, or do you admire hand built unique pieces of functional pottery for the home? You too can learn to make beautiful creations with a little time and interest. Expert potter Genie Mysorski can show you the techniques and tricks of the trade needed to become a successful potter. We encourage you to roll up your sleeves and come play in the mud with us this fall!

Registration Info

Member Tuition: $240
Non-Member Tuition: $300
Clay Fee: $30 per bag, total quantity needed will be based on individual usage

Register Online Below or In-person at Rockport Center for the Arts

Pottery Series with Genie Mysorski
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