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The Art of Dog Photography :: With John Borys

1-Day Workshop
Wednesday, March 27
2 - 3:30 pm

The relationship between you and your dog is special. Each dog has its own way of walking, expressing themselves, likes, dislikes, personality and wonderful things that they do. I want to help you create images that communicate your dog’s personality and the relationship that you have with your dog. Learn the basics of how to develop a storyline about your dog and portray them visually through stunning images in photography. This class is geared towards all skill lev-els and users of all cameras, including mobile phones, point and shoot, mirrorless and DSLRs. Bring a laptop or something to take notes with. Plus student will receive a handout cheat sheet on how to take great dog pictures.

This class is perfect for dog lovers that want to get better results, beginning photographers and advanced photographers that are just starting to work with animals.

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The Art of Dog Photography with John Borys
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