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Cloudscapes :: With John Borys

1-Day Workshop
Wednesday, April 10
2 - 3:30 pm

Create dramatic landscapes and cloudscapes like the pros do! Great shots can become really fantastic images using the right techniques and preproducton. Successful landscape images have a procedure that is very different from normal 35mm format shooting. Color temperature, natural light understanding its nuances and how to achieve the proper exposure are critical to creating exciting panoramic landscapes and cloudscapes.

This class will cover how to create dramatic sky images that have impact and what you need to do to capture the wonderful clouds and landscapes that the gulf coast offers. Great landscapes- be it clouds, sea, sand, fields, landmarks utilize natural light and the different color temperatures that natural light produces. Understanding natural light how it be-haves and when it changes is critical to creating ex-citing panoramic cloudscape images.

Bring your camera and follow along as I demonstrate the basic settings, proper exposure techniques, pre-production stage, shooting stage, and post-production processes.

This workshop is structured for beginning photographers and photographers that want to refresh their skills shooting landscapes and cloudscapes.

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Cloudscapes with John Borys
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