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Introduction to Digital Photography :: With Stephen Fisher

4-Week Series
Thursdays, 10-11:30 am
January 10 - February 7
No Class Jan 17


This 4 week course is the first in a series of classes designed to explore the fascinating medium of digital photography. We’ll start at a fairly basic level discussing:

  • The components of a digital camera system. This will include everything from cell phone cameras to moving into high-end digital single lens reflex (DSLR) systems.

  • Composition and how it takes a photograph from good to great.

  • How to get your photographs off of your camera to share with family and others on social media.

  • Taking your photographs to the next level with post-processing.

Initially we’ll be taking photographs with our cell phones. The students will email or text their photo-graphs to me and we’ll do some GENTLE critiquing together in class. I’ve found this a good way to learn from each other’s work.

This initial course is perfect for both beginners with only a cell phone camera and those who already have more advanced cameras… but maybe don’t really understand everything yet. Subsequent courses will address some more advanced digital photography topics and include field trips around Rockport.

Bring a cell phone and any other camera gear you might own. Please bring the owners manual for your camera if possible. A notebook would be handy.

Registration Info
Member Tuition: $120
Non-Member Tuition: $150
Supply List: All you need for this course is a camera phone.

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Introduction to Digital Photography with Stephen Fisher
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