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May • 2019 Architectural Services
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(“Respondents”) intending to submit a proposal to this RFQ may not contact any officers or personnel of any Jurisdiction or non-profit Entity regarding this RFQ. All communications regarding this RFQ must be directed in writing only to All responses to written questions will be posted to the Center for the Arts and City of Rockport web sites in the Bid Notice/RFP/RFQ projects section of the site. (“Respondents”) who attempt any contacts outside this prescribed process may be automatically disqualified at the sole discretion of the Principals.  

The deadline for submitting any written questions will be ten (10) calendar days prior to the response deadline. The Owner will determine at their sole discretion whether such communications warrant a response, which shall be in writing and made available along with the original communication to all service providers as a Q&A response and/or addendum. (Posts will be provided via (“The Partners’) Web-Sites). No questions submitted after the written question deadline will be responded to by staff.

Questions to be populated here:

RFQ Question # 1:

Is there an estimated amount of funds available for the Rockport Center for the Arts Facility project?

Answer to # 1:

The Rockport Center for the Arts Project is a 22,000 sq. ft. facility located in Downtown Rockport, Texas. The Project received a grant from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) for $5M to support the development and construction of this facility. Due to the competitive nature of the Project under 2 CFR requirements and the pending RFQ for an Architect, no further budget or cost information is available at this time. We would encourage all eligible and interested firms to consider submitting a proposal for this important project.

RFQ Question # 2:

Could you define art/performing arts center as referenced in Section II, Part A, Bullet point H?
Could you furnish a program or outline of the types of spaces/rooms that will be included in the facility?

Answer to # 2: 

Rockport Center for the Arts is a Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to supporting and sponsoring programs that recognize, celebrate and promote all forms of Art (visual, performance, cinema, etc.) in Rockport. The new facility will be a home for visual art displays and many performing arts such as plays, musical concerts and more. Our vision is to establish a modern facility that can be host to quality displays and performances from local and visiting artists in South Texas. Workshops and community meetings will also be hosted at the facility.  It will be the selected Architect’s task to develop a design for the facility in concert with the organization’s Board and through community input. No definite design has been established to date. We would encourage any interested firms to visit the community, our website and social media pages for further information on the many types of Arts we support and celebrate as an organization.  The square footage breakdown is contemplated at approximately 12,000 sq. ft. for the arts center facility and 10,000 sq. ft. for the multipurpose conference/performing arts center space.

RFQ Question # 3:

My firm provides theater consulting services and we are very interested in assisting the Rockport Center in the upcoming renovation. Are you only considering replies from an architectural team or would you consider engaging a theater consultant directly? If so, what would be the best way for my firm to proceed.

Answer to # 3:

Under provisions of 2 CFR 200 we cannot preclude and/or pre-judge any proposal. However, the RFQ is very clear that we are seeking a qualified Architect. Should an Architect align themselves with company experts such as yours it would be one of a number of possible approaches that is acceptable. Again, that being said, we cannot, nor will we speculate or speak to the exact nature of a proposal before it is received. All proposals will be scored equally under the criteria outlined in the RFQ.  We would encourage you to review and read the RFQ in its entirety

RFQ Question # 4:

Do you have a list of Architects pursuing this opportunity? Are you looking for the Commissioning Agent to team with the Architect or will you hire this service independently?

Answer to # 4:

The RFQ has no pre-standing list. We desire and seek a wide-open competition for Architect services as outlined in the RFQ. There is no requirement for a "Commissioning Agent".

RFQ Question # 5:

Will commissioning be needed for this project? If so, will it be procured through the owner, architect, or the prime contractor? 

Answer to # 5:

Thank you for your e-mail inquiry. You raise an issue that is beyond the scope of this RFQ. Once a competitive proposal is received and an Architect placed under contract; decisions about topics you raised will be considered. It would be pre-mature and speculative for our team to discuss this matter now. Our focus is and will remain on securing a competitive Architect professional with the qualifications to address and advise on the facility design needs of the proposed project.

RFQ Question # 6:

I noticed the RFQ is due on Memorial Day (May 27) this year. Will the City be open that day, or should we make plans to deliver the proposal early? 

Answer to # 6:

Since the bid date was set for a Federal Holiday when most operations (including City Hall) will be closed. The bid deadline is hereby officially extended for one (1) day and will automatically roll to Tuesday, May 28 at 2:00pm CST.  NO other provisions are affected and all interested proposers are encouraged to submit by the revised deadline.

RFQ Question # 7

When compared to recent experience with both Federal and State of Texas agencies on a number of projects substantially larger than this one, the required insurance coverages are considerably higher for this project in several categories of insurance.  While such coverage is available on a project basis, it will accrue considerable additional direct cost.  The requirement for insurance certificates as proof of required insurance limits already in place prior to consideration will render an RFQ submission financially impractical.  Can respondents be allowed to represent that they have the capacity to provide these coverage limits, with the understanding that final limits will be determined during post-selection contract and fee negotiations? 

Answer to # 7:

Please review RFQ Addendum # 1 (click to download) which modifies the language on RFQ section VI. Certificate of Liability Insurance.

RFQ Question # 8

For the MWBE FEMA requirement, is there an exact percentage? Is the 40 pages total accounting for front and back? Or just single-sided? 

Answer to # 8:

There are no set or "exact" % for MWBE. Our desire is for you to make efforts and strides to be as inclusive as possible. It is 40 pages one-sided or 20 pages two-sided.