Michael Atkinson

As a child, Michael Atkinson admired sculpture.  His interest in sculpture was enhanced by his architectural training at Texas Tech.  Then during his Vietnam tour of duty as a U.S. Marine and in his later trips abroad, Atkinson gained a deep respect for sculpture in public places.

Michael Atkinson (1999)  "There is a magical feeling of timelessness felt when you view these past works.  you realize these sculptures have told their stories thousands of times to thousands of individuals who have traveled to see them and each time it's been a little different.  Therein lies the appeal to sculpting art for public places; the ability to continually stimulate the viewers' minds and to see the story through their eyes."

Michael Atkinson    Man's Best Friend, 1999

Michael Atkinson

Man's Best Friend, 1999

This figurative bronze was donated by the artist in memory of his father, Atmar Atkinson, who passed away in 1999. The full-size sculpture sits at the Northwest corner of the Art Center grounds, facing Rockport Harbor and the Texas Maritime Museum. It depicts a young man sitting on a bench with two terriers that are similar to the dogs his father loved so much.

Michael Atkinson is well known for his watercolors and figurative sculpture, and is represented by Galerie Zuger in Santa Fe, NM.

Michael Atkinson    Desert Oasis

Michael Atkinson

Desert Oasis