Bruce Bitter

Bruce Bitter.jpg

Chances are you've seen the work of Bruce Bitter, either at any one of the last 12 Rockport Art Festivals, on the Art Auction Invitation, or in several Rockport area homes. If not, Bruce's work comes to the spotlight as the 20th Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist. Based in Austin, Bitter's pastels evoke the joy of living on the coast.

"As a Texas resident for over 12 years, my work has evolved to encompass a variety of techniques and styles. Originally from the Jersey shore, I was an avid surfer and beach junkie. Encouraged by numerous trips to the tropics, I created a genre of beach images, first as Serigraphs and Monoprints, now as Pastels and Mixed Media. The motivation to employ other subject matter and techniques comes with more time to do so and the ongoing summons to constantly challenge myself as an artist. My continuous goal is to engage the viewer to identify with my art, whether it be a form of decoration, a destination or an aesthetic attraction. I try to create a process into everyday life by connecting to popular culture and current trends. I strive to be creative and always pushing the envelope while producing the best work possible."