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The Thomas W. Moore Family, Suzie Bracht Black of The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation, Artist Leo E. Osborne and Mayor Todd Pearson stand with the Art Center's newest sculpture.
Monday, April 14th, 2008
"Return of Ancient Wisdom" Brings Art, Ecology, and Community Together
On April 12, RCA Dedicated its newest sculpture into the Sculpture Garden, "Return of Ancient Wisdom."

Special Guests included:
  • Nationally acclaimed artist, Leo E. Osborne, creator of "Return of Ancient Wisdom"
  • Dr. Donna Shaver of Padre Island National Seashore, Chief of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery
  • Texas State Representative Juan Garcia presented a State Resolution in Honor of Lola L. Bonner
  • Rockport Mayor Todd Pearson spoke to the Legacy of Rockport as an Art Community
  • The Thomas W. Moore family, including Board President Pat Moore and Capt. Tommy Moore
  • Suzie Bracht Black of the Margaret Sue Rust Foundation

Dedication Ceremony for "Return of Ancient Wisdom" Sat. April 12, 2008

Lifetime Benefactor Mary Lou Hood, Texas State Representative Juan Garcia, and
Art Center Staff Member Diana Smith

Members of the Thomas W. Moore Family and Suzie Bracht Black of The Margaret
Sue Rust Foundation

"Return of Ancient Wisdom" is christened with sea water!

Kids from the Moore family say hello to the Art Center's newest sculpture

Leo E._Osborne_200
Sculptor Leo E. Osborne sits atop his newest creation.