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Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Sandy Scott and The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation Put Finishing Touch on Art Center's 40th Year

Just as the late Lola L. Bonner was a woman of many firsts, it is only fitting the first sculpture by a woman to be placed in the Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA) sculpture garden is placed in her honor, said John Aasp, RCA director of visual arts.

“Off Port Bow,” created by Sandy Scott was unveiled Saturday, Nov. 14, with family and friends of Bonner present. The sculpture features three dolphins jumping in waves.

The sculpture was made possible by the generous gift of the Margaret Sue Rust Foundation in memory of Bonner.

Unveiling of "Off Port Bow

RCA Visual Arts Director John Aasp (left) and RCA Board President Jack Wright (right) help unveil the Art Center's latest permanent sculpture.

Aasp said the project was a project many years in the making, and although he only knew Bonner briefly, he had been told she always wanted a sculpture of dolphins facing the water.

Rust Foundation trustee Michael Johnson explained he met “Lola L.” 25 years ago and is proud to say they called each other “friend.”

She was one of the founders of the Rust Foundation and served on the board since its inception.

He said Bonner was a “strong-willed individual” who was proud of her ability to be of service. He said it is only fitting this work is funded in her memory.

Bonner’s nephew Bill Boyd spoke next noting to family, she was Aunt Lola, to others she was Lola L. or Ms.Bonner. Her professional demeanor was formal, well ordered, and serious, among other things. Her family demeanor, however, was more relaxed, impromptu, extemporaneous, improvisational and humorous.

She was genuine and had a selfless desire to be of help to others. He said Aunt Lola spent two-thirds of her life in Rockport and she loved the water. She was thrilled at the sight of porpoises in the water, he said. Although she would be pleased with the honor which is being bestowed upon her, she would be humbled at the grandness of the work and embarrassed at the attention being paid to her by her 18 family members, including her sister Katie Bean.

Boyd thanked the Rust Foundation board as well as members of the Art Center for giving Bonner a platform by which to give service to so many others.

Members of Lola L. Bonner's Family and The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation

Members of Lola L. Bonner's Family and The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation stand with sculptor Sandy Scott

1995 poster artist Al Barnes then introduced Scott, whom he met 10 to 15years ago. He encouraged those present to go to her website and see the amazing work she has done.

Scott told those assembled, “I love Rockport.” She said completing this project has been one of her favorites and told Bean, “I would have loved to have met your sister. She seems like a real Renaissance woman,” adding there are many parallels between her life and Bonner’s.

She also said she is thrilled to have her work in the same garden as the work of Kent Ullberg(Rites of Spring) and Lee Osborne (Return of Ancient Wisdom), both of whom are friends.

She also said she will forever think of the dolphins looking out over the water as she is home in Wyoming shoveling snow.

Sandy Scott - Off Port Bow

Sculptor Sandy Scott "christens" her latest bronze now on permanent display at Rockport Center for the Arts on November 14, 2009.

Final comments were made by RCA board president Jack Wright who said he is glad he was able to count Bonner as a friend. He said she was truly a friend to this community.

He pointed out the weather forecast was originally for 25 to 30 mph winds. Commenting on the lack of wind,Wright playfully asked, “Do you think Lola had anything to do with the change?”

He told the Rust Foundation board the RCA is very appreciative of this most generous gift.

Off Port Bow captures a cherished aspect of the bay, he said, emphasizing of the piece it is one of creativity, sensitivity and beauty.