artist information

Mark Williamson

My work brings updated perspectives to stone sculpture.  My pieces incorporate innovations such that the organic nature of stone is revealed. The physical challenges, as well as the perspectives and psychological possibilities that are unique to three-dimensional work, invigorate me.  Nothing and no one exists by itself; rather, meaning and purpose form through relationships with other things, and through the context of the prevailing environment.  My goals are unflinching, to create what has never been attempted, to explore with materials and stone techniques, to manifest new concepts into sculpture, such that even the casual observer is moved.  

Working with the Aransas County Navigation District, Rockport Center for the Arts welcomed the tall granite sculpture entitled "Days" by Dallas area artist Mark P. Williamson. The work is a generous donation from the artist, and will stand prominently on the Navigation District lawn in close proximity to the Art Center,demonstrating the commitment for public art within Rockport's cultural and recreation center.
Thumb   Days