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2018 Art Auction Gala: Find Yourself in Rockport-Fulton
2018 Art Festival
July 7-8, 2018, Volunteer Sign-Up is Now Open!

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49th Annual Rockport Art Festival Application Now Open
The application is now available for artists looking to participate in the Rockport Art Festival.

Since 1969, this Annual Art Festival has made Rockport the best place to be on July 4th weekend in Coastal Texas. Located on Aransas Bay and showcasing high-quality artists, live music, a kids' activity tent and more, the Rockport Art Festival is the premiere festival for artists looking for an enthusiastic audience, with over 10,000 attendees in 2014.

All applications must be submitted online here:

General Information


 March 1, 2018 (Receiptof Application, Jury Fee and Images; Jury fee is Non-Refundable)

CATEGORIES: Painting, Sculpture,Ceramics, Jewelry, Glass, Wood, Photography, Mixed Media, Pastel/Drawing, Other

ELIGIBILITY: The Rockport ArtFestival is open to individual fine artists and mastercraftsmen presentingtheir own original work. No galleries, agents or anyone representing the artistwill be eligible. The artist must be present to show his/her work.

STANDARDS: No manufactured items or kits.Prints must be limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist with the typeof reproduction clearly labeled. 50% of booth must be signed, original workcreated by the artist. This applies to all categories. Artist will be asked toremove work that is in violation. Artists may not display work that is unlike thesamples submitted for jurying.

MULTIPLE CATEGORIES: You may submitwork in up to 2 categories, applying separately for each category with aseparate jury fee and set of 3 images. YOU MAY ONLY EXHIBIT/SELL ARTWORK IN THECATEGORY YOU ARE ACCEPTED. If you are observed exhibiting/selling artwork in acategory you were not accepted in or that you did not apply for, you will notbe invited back in subsequent years.

BOOTH SIGNAGE and PRICING OF WORK: Artistsset their own prices and may discretely offer discounts to encourage sales, butNO SIGNAGE OFFERING DISCOUNTS may be displayed.

NOTIFICATION: Notification of acceptance,decline or wait-list status will be E-mailed (to the email address artist submits withapplication) no later than April 8, 2018.

BOOTH PAYMENT DEADLINE (uponacceptance): May 20, 2018.

CANCELLATION: Cancellations received byEMAIL on or before June 1, 2018 will receive a booth fee refund; but a $50processing fee will be retained. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER JUNE1, 2018 (Jury/Application Fee is Non-Refundable.)

WAITLIST POLICY: If you are placedon the wait list, the Art Festival will contact you if a space becomesavailable in your category. We do not disclose where you are on the wait listand are unable to predict when a cancellation may occur. WAITLISTEDARTISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON FESTIVAL GROUNDS duringsetup. You will be instructed on when and how to enter festivalgrounds as an exhibitor only after the Art Festival has received a cancellationand made contact to offer you a booth space.Any artist not respecting this policy will be asked to leave festival groundsand not be invited back under any circumstances. Your completed applicationconstitutes your understanding and agreement with this policy. For moreinformation about our jury process, see our FrequentlyAsked Questions for Artists.

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